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Securing windows and doors

Windows and doors are common entry points for burglars in homes throughout Hawkes Bay – you really need to secure them to make your home safer.

There are some simple things that you can do to make your home much more secure. A burglar will only spend a few minutes trying to break into your house, so if you take a few simple measures to make it difficult for them the thief is more likely to give up.

We’re happy to give you some advice on what products are perfect for you and the security of your property. But here’s some good ideas to get you started:

Exterior Doors

To properly secure exterior doors, you’ll need to contact an experienced locksmith to install deadlocks. This is an extra lock designed to offer additional security for your home. You only use this lock when you are home – deadlocks don’t come with an external key.

It’s difficult for a burglar to break into a door fitted with a deadlock because they’ll need to destroy the lock or door. This lock should only be used as part of other measures that you take to secure your house because it does not offer additional protection when you are out.

These locks are often used in residential care homes. You can also install some deadbolt locks on your exterior doors to make them more secure. The deadbolt locks are used together with the lock that is built into your doorknob. This lock should be at least an inch long and made of solid metal. But beware of cheap imports – low quality deadbolt locks are not effective and we’ve seen some really bad examples in Napier houses.

Window Locks

Window locks are becoming increasingly popular as the window is the main entry a burglar will try to force entry. They’re not too expensive to install but they really do slow a burglar down.

If you have sliding windows, you can also install locks on them to deter burglars. You can use a device that is similar to a door bolt to close the windows. This device operates with a key. There are several companies that make locks specifically designed for sliding windows. If you have double-hung windows, a locking pin can secure them appropriately.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are great for any home, but they also pose a security risk and this makes it necessary to secure it. One of the best ways to do this is by installing keyed locks.

These locks should be installed at the bottom and top of the sliding door. You can reinforce the glass on your doors by installing some polycarbonate panels to make it difficult for them to shatter when they are kicked in or hit.

Shatter-proof Windows

To make it difficult for people to access your house, you can shatter-proof your windows. This will make it difficult for them to break when they are hit. You can install an invisible security film on the windows. The film is specially designed to hold the glass together when it is broken. This means that it will not fall out, making it difficult for a burglar to crawl into your house.

Any good locksmith can give more advice abcaptureout these easy measures – and Lockwise are happy to come round to talk to you about your property.