6 Simple Steps to a Safer Home Lockwise — Your Local Locksmith in Hawke’s Bay, Napier and Hastings

6 Simple Steps to a Safer Home

It’s the little changes which make the biggest impacts when it comes to home security. When deterring thieves it’s the small habits we form and changes we make which keep us, our families and our belongings safe. We’ve put together this small guide for you to review and share to keep safe and sound!

1. Review the outside of your home
Ensure all windows and doors are in excellent condition. Broken windows are a welcome sign to thieves (and animals)! Lock away tools or ladders which aren’t in use and check there isn’t any unwarranted access to your garage or conservatory.

2. Secure your doors and windows
Book a security check with a Master Locksmith to survey window and door locks–including internal doors. A professional locksmith can check that your locks are properly installed, in good condition, and meet any insurance requirements should you have any.

3. Consider a safe
Safes are increasingly popular for, well, keeping valuables safe. Passports, birth certificates, important documents, photos, jewellery, computers, and other priceless items are kept safe from theft, fire and other dangers. Take a look at our safe guide if a safe might be right for you.

4. Replace your keys.. when did you last?
Do past owners or tenants at your property have copies of keys to your home? Have you lost any keys and didn’t change the locks when you did so? Are the keys you left under the doormat still there? Our master locksmiths here at Lockwise can change your locks and fit a patented system so your keys can only be cut with proof of ownership.

5. Change your alarm code
While you’re changing the keys/locks let’s change the code on your alarm system too. A home alarm system can be very effective but you’re not getting the full benefits of it by reusing the code for the 5th year running, or not using the alarm system at all! It’s a free change–just make sure those living at the property know the new code.

You’re safest avoiding dates of birth or any sequences from your phone number too. If you’re unsure how to change the lock’s code and don’t have the instructions; Google the make and model of the alarm and try find a manual online.

6. Break bad habits
Little bad habits like leaving keys in locks, or leaving the house unlocked when nipping to the dairy can jeopardise your entire home’s security. Make a habit of taking keys out of locks, always setting alarms (it takes seconds!) and locking any back or side gates of your property.