Locksmiths – choosing a good one is important

Don’t leave choosing a locksmith until you need one!

Many people don’t even think about a locksmith until they have a broken key or emergency lockout and need to find one straight away.  And then you don’t have too much time to make a good decision.

Tips on choosing a reliable locksmith in Napier and Hastings

To avoid making the wrong choice, here’s some quick tips to help choose a reliable locksmith who will provide good service at a reasonable rate.

  • Good locksmiths are qualified AND insured. An uninsured part timer can just walk away from a bad job.
  • Check the locksmith can do the job you need – you might be surprised what some can’t do! And always check for reviews of the company’s work if possible.
  • A well-trained locksmith will do the job right. An inexperienced or untrained one can do a bad job and even damage your property, costing you more money
  • A locksmith that provides good service will have either a local physical location or a mobile unit that can come to their customers quickly. This will ensure shorter waiting time and smaller travel charges. You should never have to wait hours for someone to show up – and if you do, they should have warned you.
  • Ask for a quote over the phone, and always ask about hidden charges such as travel times or call out fees. A good professional will be able to give you an accurate idea of how much a job will cost. All travel and minimum fees or after-hours charges should be specified up front.
  • If needed, a written estimate will always be provided by a good locksmith, even if they already provided a telephone quote. Never use one that will not provide a written estimate or one that adds hidden fees after the job is done
  • Always protect yourself and your property. Ask to see the locksmith’s identification, and their vehicle should be well signed. An unmarked vehicle is usually a bad sign and there will be no accountability if they do a bad job.
  • Is the locksmith a member of an industry body such as ANZLA ? These locksmiths must pass independently conducted competency tests before they are admitted at levels that allow them to install, for example, security key systems.

The best advice is – if you have a locksmith you can trust to do a good job, keep their number in your phone for when you need it later.