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Get a locksmith to change your locks at your home or office

If you just moved into a new house, flat, or office space in Hawkes Bay, you can bet that someone, somewhere has a copy of the keys to your property. Mostly this will be for a completely legitimate reason –  have you ever moved out of somewhere and found yourself still with a spare key a month of two later? But even knowing this, it doesn’t make you feel any more secure in your new home. It’s not so hard for keys to fall into the wrong hands.


That’s why we always recommend that you change your home and office locks when moving into your new place by calling a locksmith. It’s actually not hard to find examples of burglary, theft, and even legal cases just because locks were not changed and copies of keys were with the wrong people. Call Lockwise to avoid these problems – we can often sort you out surprisingly quickly and without replacing the locks, just replacing the keys.

To rekey your locks, secure your property, or for a range of other locksmith services and advice, just call us on 0800 562 594 for help around Napier and Hastings.