Home safes

This selection of safes are recommended for personal use in homes or small businesses.

Check with your insurance company about their requirements for home safes and what their cash rating is, since this can differ between insurance providers

(ex GST)
rating $
Air 15A compact safe for home or office, suitable for storage of jewellery or electronic items. This model also features a removable shelf.Contact us for pricing-16 litres$5,000p6 Air-sz15-closed_small_175
AlphaPlus Size 2AlphaPlus offers solid burglary protection as well as some fire protection, being lined with fire retardment wool. Contact us for pricingDocument fire protection (not rated)13 litres$5,000ALPHA-PLUS-2E_b
AlphaPlus Size 3As above for the AlphaPlus, the larger size 3 offers twice the storage capacityContact us for pricingDocument fire protection (not rated)26 litres$5,000ALPHA-PLUS-2E_b
Jade Theft and FireThe new Jade Homesafe is proving a popular choice for those looking for a safe to provide protection against fire while also offering reasonable protection against burglary.Contact us for pricing1 hour fire resistance to 1020c21 litres(not cash rated)jade 2
Fire 25Perfect for the protection of cash and valuables as well as important documents like passports etc.

Level S2 burglary protection.
Contact us for pricing30 mins document protection in fire26 litres$15,000fire50b - 175
Cube SafeThe Cube safe is a popular choice for a home or small office safe. At 75kgs, the body and door are made of 12mm solid steel

Can also be supplied with a drop slot for depositing (eg) cash.
Contact us for pricing-32 litres$10,000cube 175b
DuoGuard 40
Grade I
Constructed using Chubbsafes revolutionary lightweight barrier material, the Duoguard offers Grade 1 protection for cash and also 1 hour fire protection for documents.Contact us for pricing60 mins document protection in fire40 litres$45,000duoguard-grade1-model-110 175
DataGuard NT 40The Dataguard offers two hour protection of data media from fire - perfect for housing data backups or other valuable media.

The DataGuard does not need to be locked to offer fire protection - it is fitted with a user friendly, slam-action door.
Contact us for pricing120 mins+ document
120 mins data media protection in fire
48 litres(not cash rated)dataguard1-175