Larger security safes

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Lockwise Safe & Security are approved suppliers for Chubbsafes - a trusted brand across the world.


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rating $
(7 sizes available)
The Omni is a good, secure choice for use with cash tills, and can be supplied in 7 different sizes. Please contact us for latest pricing45 mins document protection in fire15 litres
540 litres
$25,000Omni open - 175
Cobra Office
(1 size available)
A quality cash safe constructed using highly reliable materials, this safe offers level S2 burglary protection and good fire protectionPlease contact us for latest pricing
45 mins document protection in fire56 litres
179 litres
$20,000Cobra office 2 175
Grade I
(8 sizes available)
Constructed using Chubbsafes revolutionary lightweight barrier material, the Duoguard offers Grade 1 protection for cash and also 1 hour fire protection for documents.Please contact us for latest pricing60 mins document protection in fire40 litres
443 litres
$45,000duoguard-grade1-model-110 175
Grade III
(5 sizes available)
An extremely secure safe, the ProGuard offers Grade 3 burglary protection and is cash rated to $100K. Please contact us for latest pricing60 mins document protection in fire159 litres
463 litres
$100,000proguard Grade III
Fire File 31"
(two sizes available)
Designed as a lockable filing cabinet with document fire protection, the Profile Executive comes in two or four drawer models. Please contact us for latest pricing120 mins document protection in fire197 kg
328 kg
(not cash rated)Profile Exective 2hr Redb 175
DataGuard NT
(available in 3 sizes)
The Dataguard offers two hour protection of data media from fire - perfect for housing data backups or other valuable media.

The DataGuard does not need to be locked to offer fire protection - it is fitted with a user friendly, slam-action door.
Please contact us for latest pricing120 mins+ document
120 mins data media protection in fire
190 kg
330 kg
(not cash rated)dataguard1-175
Profile NT
(two sizes available)
Offers highly reliable document protection using modern materials and technology. Each drawer is individually protected, meaning that even if one drawer is left open, the others are still in a fire resistant partition.Please contact us for latest pricing60 mins document protection in fire139 litres
330 litres
(not cash rated)profile nt 175