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You've come to the right place for a Master Locksmith serving Napier, Hastings and Hawkes Bay - let us explain our services all residential properties, commercial properties and businesses.

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Not only will we supply and install windows for you at your home or office—we are window lock and stay specialists. Windows are the primary entry point for opportunist thieves—we’ll help you get them installed right with proper safety without sacrificing your preferences of an attractive home. And, as a stay specialist we’ll help keep your home cooler through summer without posing a security risk, and promote ventilation to keep your home or workplace dry and comfortable.


Lockwise is your one-stop solution for doors and related security services. We manage it all including supply and install of doors. As doors are one of the two main entry points for a burglar (the second is a window) we’ll make sure your doors and their frames are robust and secure.


We’re so good at locks, we put it in our name. We here at Lockwise are truly wise about locks. We’ll supply and install locks on windows and doors of your home or office and, we can even repair and rekey for locks. We’ll discuss your options and do what suits you best because your satisfaction is a priority for us.

Love the way that lock looks? Our rekeying service means we don’t have to replace the whole lock—and security won’t be compromised. And, if we supply new locks for you and you need extra keys we’ll cut you a new set of keys on-site.

Also, if someone has tried to make a love-lock arrangement on a fence of your home or business we’ll come around and remove padlocks for you.


Whether you need one key, or ten we’ll see you right. We have a master key service—perfect for schools, offices, or landlords. We can supply and install master key systems, and we can sort you out with a restricted key system to prevent keys getting cut without your approval.


An alarm—when properly used—can be a fantastic deterrent and an aid in keeping your property safe. We supply and install alarms for all properties. The smallest apartment and the biggest office environment have different needs too. We’ll help you decide which alarm suits your needs and supply then set it up for you.

Digital systems

Supply and installation are both taken care of when you choose Lockwise. We’ll assess your needs when it suits you, then supply and fit a system appropriate for your needs.


Our brilliant service doesn’t stop at locksmith services—we supply and can install safes. You can even buy a safe right here on our website! Also, check out our handy guide on choosing a safe.

We proudly supply and fit safes for homes, small businesses, commercial needs, security safes, and cabinets for hospitals or doctors surgeries.


Stuck on the wrong side of a lock from your home, office or car? We’ll get you in! Or out—lock-ins occur too. We’ll safely pick your lock or replace it to help you get back into your house or car. And, we can also rekey your lock in the event you’ve lost all of your keys.

Insurance company-friendly

We’ll happily carry out insurance company work. Just give us a call and we’ll arrange a time that suits to carry out the work or come around right away if it’s an emergency. Don’t want to call or don’t need it right away? Either fill in our request a callback form or get in touch via our contact page.

We also provide an emergency service for lockouts, lost or stolen keys or break-ins. You can trust all aspects of physical security for your home or business to Lockwise - your local Hawke's Bay locksmith.


Please give us a call on 0800 Lockwise (0800 562 594) we'd be happy to give you any advice we can. Or if you're stuck picking a locksmith? Look no further.

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