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$200 for a quote?! Why Lockwise has simple pricing


At Lockwise, we’re proud of the fact that our pricing is really simple and straightforward.

Unlike some locksmiths, we don’t have callout charges, we don’t have “vehicle charges” AND we give free quotes. If we’ve quoted a price you can feel confident we’ll charge what we say. Of course there are times when a job is going to take longer than expected – someone’s door lock is from the 1940s, for example – but we pride ourselves on letting you know early if that’s going to happen. No surprises!

But beware: not all locksmiths can say the same. Check out this recorded call to a locksmith in the UK, who has charged a huge amount just for giving a quote to an elderly lady. But they don’t charge any call out fees. Confused? You will be!

It sounds to us like the locksmith in this case is technically right, but morally wrong. But there’s always going to be confusion (and worse) with customers if you don’t have simple rates. And it’s worth pointing out that this didn’t happen in Hawkes Bay, where it’s much easier to make a bad name for yourself. But it is still a real issue in an industry where your services are only used from time to time – it’s not as if you need keys cut or lockouts sorted regularly, like your hair. Reputations are (usually) gained and lost only gradually.

But so far people are telling us they like our pricing approach. What do you think?