Centurian electronic digital entrance set (black)


With up to 10 different user codes variable from 1 to 15 digits in length, your code security is maximized by providing very little chance of unauthorized entry.

Along with passage functions and user code encryptions, the Centurion Code Lock is able to ensure the required level of security is provided in domestic applications.

Adjustable backset latch, multiple finish/colour options and easy to follow installation instructions enable the Centurion Code Lock to be the best solution to endless security requirements for the security installer as well as providing a do it yourself option for retail sales.

Features include:

  • Weatherproof external handle to resist even the harshest conditions
  • Code encryption to prevent spying
  • Low battery indicators with emergency battery pack override
  • Blue backlit keypad for use in low light
  • Durable handle springs and latching components
  • Adjustable to suit 60-70mm backset and door thickness requirements
  • Clutching external handle to prevent forced opening
  • Over 100 Billion possible code options
  • Settable one press passage function
  • Do it yourself installation instruction
  • User-friendly setting and changing procedures
  • Free egress at all times for safety
  • Concealed external mounting and security screws
  • Cycle tested to over 30,000 uses
  • Operates on standard 4x AAA alkaline batteries(use Duracell for best results)
  • Deadlatching to prevent manipulation
  • Available in satin chrome, polished brass, satin nickel, polished chrome and black nickel

Additional information

Weight 5 kg