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The electronic locksmith?

The locksmith industry isn’t one which changes very fast – the skills a locksmith had 50 years ago would still be useful now.

But the electronics changes really fast – it’s hard to believe (at least, if you’re not a teenager!) that the first iPhone came out only around 8 years ago, and was a revolution then.

All this means that the traditional key on a key ring is on marked time, maybe not in the next few years, but eventually. It’s happening with cars already, with smart keys and keyless entry systems becoming increasingly common. So it’s not too much of a stretch to see future generations looking at a house key in the same way we would laugh at listening to music on a Sony Walkman now.

Locks are catching up with all of this – there’s already a range of bluetooth padlocks that you only need to wave your mobile phone at to unlock, like the Noke padlock below


When you add to this the range of other electronic security stuff available, like the WiFi doorbell that alerts your mobile with a picture of the caller, or even mobile phone security cameras like the ones we’re selling here – then there’s a wave of new products becoming available.

We’re not expecting lots of these to appear in Hawkes Bay overnight, but gradually we do think they will start becoming a part of more people’s lives – especially once issues like longer lasting battery life are sorted. So at Lockwise we’re making sure we understand the technology and the issues so that we can supply the best solutions as they become available.